My Take on “50 Years of Canadian Multiculturalism”

I had no conscious definition for Multiculturalism prior to reading the Fleras chapter: 50 Years of Canadian Multiculturalism. I accepted a vague idea that Canada was a cultural mosaic without fully understanding what that meant. My formative experiences of living in the Greater Montreal Area had led me to accept ethnic neighbourhoods as places I … Continue reading My Take on “50 Years of Canadian Multiculturalism”

A Lesson in Intercultural Competence

Definition: “The top three common elements were the awareness, valuing, and understanding of cultural differences; experiencing other cultures; and self-awareness of one’s own culture. These common elements stress the underlying importance of cultural awareness, both of one’s own as well as others’ cultures.” (Deardorf, p. 247) Observation: The emphasis on awareness of self, as well … Continue reading A Lesson in Intercultural Competence

Acknowledging the principle of “nkali” and embracing its warnings to build a better classroom

TedTalk Review: The Danger of a single story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie I came across this TedTalk about four years ago while doing research on identity and purpose for this blog. It then came up again as recommendations from the Ted curation managers for topics ranging from powerful marketing practices to ethical branding messages, and … Continue reading Acknowledging the principle of “nkali” and embracing its warnings to build a better classroom

A Brilliant Story About True Friendship

Book Review: Nugget and Fang: Friends Forever--or Snack Time? by Tammi Sauer I feel the target is mainly preschoolers, but I'd read this one to my fellow teachers in university! We are all deep in conversations about equality and inclusion these days and this wonderful story shows us the very important lessons about systemic racism … Continue reading A Brilliant Story About True Friendship

Mrs. Roopy is the kind of teacher I want to be!

Book Review: My Weird School #3: Mrs. Roopy is Loopy! by Dan Gutman  I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Teaching is all about inspiring the love of learning, in my books. 😉 The illustrations complement the writing charmingly, and the writing... well, it's perfect for the kid in all of us! Every child has something special that … Continue reading Mrs. Roopy is the kind of teacher I want to be!

Persistence and Heart

Book Review: The Boy Who Never Gave Up by Stephen Curry What a beautiful story. Stephen exemplifies what we want all our kids to know... they can be whatever they want, if they never give up wanting it and work to get it. There's a second valuable lesson here... Follow your dreams with all your … Continue reading Persistence and Heart

Time to sleep

Book Review: Pete The Cat and the Bedtime Blues by James Dean Join Pete as he discovers that a trick his parents use to help him fall asleep really works on his friends too. At the same time, the friends all learn that there's a time to play and a time to rest... so they … Continue reading Time to sleep

Everybody Can Change

Book Review: The Bad Seed by Jory John Great illustrations and the moral is very clear, at the end: everybody can change. Not sure if I'd read this to my class of kids, but one on one, it could be a lovely story.It's just a little long. The protagonist makes a beautiful transformation in self-awareness … Continue reading Everybody Can Change

Teaching Art – Getting Ready to Go Online

Course review: Illustrating Expressive Portraits in Procreate by Maia Faddoul REMINDER: SKILLSHARE IS STILL OFFERING AN EXTENDED FREE TRIAL PERIOD OF 60 DAYS! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS! REGISTER NOW!!! I really enjoyed this course. At first, I had concerns that I wouldn't follow because it was all done on … Continue reading Teaching Art – Getting Ready to Go Online

Teaching With Uncertain Fables

Book Review: Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe by Junia Wonders The rhymes are cute and the illustrations are wonderful. I'm not sure what the message is meant to be, nor the age of the audience for this book. The moral might be that sharing is good, greed is bad and both have consequences. The … Continue reading Teaching With Uncertain Fables