What the heck was this?

The Hudson UFO 2017a

I was sitting outside the creepy old St-James Cemetery in Hudson, minding my own damn business when all of a sudden this damn thing flew across the sky! It must have flown right over my car because the radio stopped. I remember because I was singing along with Heart of Soul by The Cult and it was my favorite part when it cut out. I was about to shout “S***” when I saw this damn thing through my window. I was totally freaked out and was only able to pull my phone from my pocket after it started flying away!

Or did it? I can’t quite remember! Oh man, was I abducted?

Help me get a new follower or two and tell me who it is in my comments and I’ll message you what I really saw & how I caught it on film!

Happy Friday.

ps: I timestamped these on my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/mariomjperron/



23 thoughts on “The Hudson UFO!?! (Fun Fotos for Friday)

      1. Fake is a relative term. Is this some alien ship or government experiment? Absolutely NOT!
        Ask yourself what the acronym UFO, stands for and you will understand my play on words.
        There’s a very good reason most of the photos taken of unidentifiable objects are out of focus. It allows our imaginations run wild.
        So, is it a fake? No, I literally took a picture of an object that appears to be flying and to most of my viewers it remains unidentified.


  1. It’s very blurry, which means it was in movement, and most likely much closer to the camera than the background, so it could be a bird or insect flying close to the camera. Definitely not alien.


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