These Are The People In My Neighbourhood – Kenmar Industrial

There’s a new Professional in Montreal and they are all about getting you moving!

I’d like to introduce you to Kenmar Industrial, but first, let me tell you how they came to my attention.

My dear friend and mentor, Paul L., whom I describe as the model of a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, bought into this company after doing his due diligence. Paul’s credibility comes from the multitude of companies he is in evolved with as a member of the board of directors, or as CEO and/or CTO, and the hundreds of companies who put their trust in him as an advisor and business partner.

Paul’s criteria for good companies to invest in follows the teachings of Warren Buffet & Charlie Munger.

1 – Never lose money. ( Buffet, Munger & Town call this Rule #1)

2 – Choose a company with values matching your own.

3 – Pick a company with a proven track record for quality and service.

4 – Pick a product that will always be in need, no matter the changes in technology.

He found it in Kenmar Industrial. His confidence in them inspires me to spread their message and amazing products & service. They are the one to watch!


Kenmar specializes in Conveyor belts. It is easy to say they are the experts in rubber belts, conveyor belts, material handling belts, transmission belts, and industrial conveyor belts.

They pride themselves on delivering high-quality belts worldwide. They are proud to deliver the widest range of conveyor belts and inspire confidence that they have what suits your needs.

Visit their website and you will see the quality of their products, and the confidence the international market has in them. They service some big players and are excited to help us here.

Visit their website and see the clear message of a professional who is passionate about their industry and the needs of their clients.


Visit their website and you’ll see what Tony Robbins means when he teaches that success comes from focus and concentrating effort on what we do best. Kenmar focuses on what they do best and they are the best at delivering Conveyor belt solutions to all your conveyor needs.

If you want more information on their products, would like to be introduced to their engineers for a quote or tech consultation or have a passion for conveyor belts and want to be part of an amazing team delivering quality products, please reach out to me at

I will be overjoyed to connect you personally to the right people.

So, who do you know who needs excellent conveyor belts?


Wide selection of belt widths
Ranging from 200mm up to 2000mm with 2 to 8 plies
Maximum impact resistance that reduces carcass damage.
High resistance to adverse environmental operating conditions.
Abrasion resistant compounds ensure long belt life. 

Please let me know!

What’s in it for me, you might be asking. I get to help my dear friend Paul L by doing what I do best: connecting excellent people together and helping service your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you.



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