Allow me to introduce an upcoming star of the Montreal art scene, Maria Astadjov.

I met Maria at a friend’s party where we were surrounded by writers, artists and art lovers. Maria struck up a conversation with my wife Sawsan and they became fast friends before she was introduced to me as the artist. Well, that got my attention for sure! I had to put on my interviewing hat to get to the bottom of what Maria does, and boy am I glad I did! She is a sweet and kind person, passionate about art and humble beyond belief. She is a genuinely adorable soul.

There were a few samples of her work around the room we were in, but they only scratch the surface of how amazing an artist Maria is. I asked her to describe her process to me and got a very beautiful answer. Maria loses herself completely in the making of her incredibly detailed work. You really have to see it up close to appreciate the extent of the details. At first glance, I thought she must have used rulers and paint-pens or markers on the stainless steel sheets she uses as canvases and I was wrong. She very humbly told me she painted with a brush. The lines are perfect! I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true! Thousands and thousands of impeccably and lovingly painted lines to form her exquisite creations!


In my opinion, her recent work is similar to another Montreal-resident artist of international fame, Jesus Carlos de Villalonga. There’s a lot of other influences for sure and I’m not sure she’d let me know them all, but when you visit her website you will be gifted with a surprise. Her earlier works are evidence of a classically trained and brilliantly skilled artist. While I have come to accept that most modern artists are somehow influenced by Picasso, her work seems to be a tribute to his early mastery more than his style and I would even go further and say that her early work is as beautiful as Van Gogh or Rembrandt’s drawings.

If you can, please come and see her work in the coming weeks. I have no doubt this amazing artist will soon gain international recognition. I suggest you invest in her work now, while it’s still affordable. Why don’t you come to her vernissage on August 10th at Hotel Nelligan. You won’t regret it!

ps: I’ll be there and I’m bringing a gang with me too! I hope to see you there!

If you want to know more about Maria’s work, please reach out to my friend Pierre-Marc Desjardins at Artmotion International.







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