I’m having so much fun with light and shadow, that I had to share these little explorations and ectoplasmic emanations.

Ghostly Shadows:

There were shadows floating all around this area of the Cemetary. It was cool and damp, and very, very quiet.

Ghostly Shadows

A David Lynch Intermission:

There always seems to be a mid-point in Lynch’s films that he hangs the camera to focus on what seems to be nothing, but it always ends up being very, very important. What do you see in this photographic pause?

A David Lynch Intermission

Through The Ghost:

The dead rise and want to be seen. This dead dandelion wouldn’t stay out of my focus.

Through The Ghost

Life and Death:

In the forest life and death dance around each other, they get close, but always seem to keep some distance… Do you think they are respecting each other’s space?

Life and Death

Hiding in the Green:

The thick foliage cannot hide the start of new life. Some of that life was tentatively reaching out.

Hiding in the Green

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