How Little Things Make Big Difference

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The subtitle really gives it away, and how! This is my second book by Gladwell and I am fiercely impressed by his storytelling style.

Although the subtitle is clear, it only becomes fully clear in the conclusion of the book and we get that aha moment and express the expected Oh, now I get it! It makes complete sense. Not that the progress through the book is unclear, it was simply so enjoyable I wasn’t looking for the proof of his theory.

It starts with how trends go viral or epidemic. I found myself expecting the secret for making things go big by being the biggest and was slowly walked through many awesome examples of how small impacts, repeated laterally across many subgroups tips the scales to massive success.

My big-splash vision of marketing is all wrong! Small and steady wins this race. It also reveals a truth about human behavior and our need to belong and be accepted.

At no point does he discount the importance of salespeople, but he also explains that they are often hidden in the roles of connectors, mavens, and enthusiasts.


I strongly recommend reading this excellently written book and I’m looking forward to reading more by Gladwell… next on the list is Blink, What The Dog Saw, and David & Goliath.


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