We are at the height of Summer, some of us are getting ready for the Winter to come, others know Fall rains are coming. Some of us are about to enter the best season of the year. Fall in Montreal is always the best! The sun shines and the humidity has been burned out of the ground from a month of sunny days. The leaves are about to change and change is in the air. School is about to start and that always felt like a new beginning.

We’ve almost forgotten the beauty and discomfort of the previous Winter and have hope the next one will come late in November. Winter never leaves our land, it is part of it and of all true Montrealers. We know it’s coming back and part of each of us always looks forward to it.

Here are some reminders of the beauty to come.

The Winter Hides Beyond The Green:

The Winter Hides Beyond The Green

Tonight You Can Expect Weather:

Tonight you can expect a little weather

First Snow At Dawn:

First Snow at Dawn

A Crisp Winter’s day:

A Crisp Winter's Day

The Living Ice:

The Living Ice


9 thoughts on “Fun Fotos For Friday – Hidden Chills

      1. Isn’t it amazing how different the weather can be from place to place? We go from – 30 C in the winter with snow to +30 C in the Summer. These past few years there are weeks where we see the temperature go back and forth dramatically from day to day. This summer has been very rainy. I can’t complain about the abundance of water. My plants love it! I’m grateful that I was able to plant and photograph so many amazing flowers this summer.

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      2. Philip, my friend, I’m sorry if I’m not understanding the question. Are you referring to the Ashtavakra-Gita? I’ve uploaded it to my computer and have it on my to read list. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m finishing a few other things first so that I may concentrate properly on this book’s wisdom.

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      3. Yes I was talking about that. What delights me is that the wise man called ashtavakra was a disabled young man aged about 21 years, and the other guy janaka was a king. I think the world right now has become so changed and as you pointed out yesterday the language and skill of communication has disappeared from the world.


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