I recently finished reading Law of Attraction Habits by Chris Tomasso and wrote this little review about the book that I feel compelled to share with you.

A great way to get your feet wet

This isn’t so much a “how to” book on the law of attraction, as it is a clear description of what to expect when you succeed at it.

Tomasso’s writing is clean and professional. Easy to read and follow his ideas.

He elaborates his feelings quite well.

The drawbacks are he doesn’t actually ever describe the 5 methods in any practical way. A few more anecdotes and clear exercises would go a long way to making this an excellent primer for anyone starting on the journey to living the life they desire. Well, at least giving them a strong understanding of the law of attraction.

I’m comfortable recommending this book if you’ve not read the books by Ester & Gerry Hicks or Echart Tolle. Or any other tomes on the teachings of Abraham or The Secret.

It was a pleasant read that put me at ease and gave me plenty of reminders about what I’ve learned before.

Tomasso’s big gem is: “Most people aren’t deliberate with how they feel, so they tend to respond to whatever is happening around them. This is like trying to sail without controlling your boat whatsoever, hoping for the chaotic sea of vibrations to take you where you want to go.” By Chris Tomasso

Good luck and good reading.


PS: The book is free on Kindle right now. See the link above.


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