I accept my patterns of envy have limited my growth in the past

And that I have nothing to fear,

Nor any logical reason to compare my current self to that of others.

I didn’t have their journey;

I don’t share their experience.

I have my experience and my reality is my own.

They may have learned valuable lessons

That I can also grow from.

Within their stories lie possibilities for wisdom

And their successes inspire me

And often motivate me to reach farther.

I have always started my learning from others.

I have always made choices to push past what I’ve learned,

Or to move on to other things.

Nothing has ever been lost.

I am so very often amazed

And elated to remember

And excited to connect experiences

To find greater understanding of life.

I am so grateful for my curiosity.

I am so grateful that I have a passion for writing about my discoveries.

I am so thankful that I love sharing stories about passion.

I’m grateful for the realization that people have passion and the expression of those passions are lessons of success…

Lessons we can all learn from.

I am blessed to have an awareness of my passion to tell stories.

I am thankful for my excitement at telling these stories.

I am very grateful for relating people’s successes in a way unique to me.

I am grateful for being able to connect with people and tell their stories.

I am a grateful biographer of passion & success stories.

I am grateful for being a successographer.

by M. Perron (originally written on April 13th, 2017)


Following a conversation with a wise mentor and coach, I started developing the answer to that previously plaguing question: What do I do?

Special thanks to my friend, Berel Michael Weiner, who put me on this new path of self-awareness… I am so grateful to be climbing The Ladder with his help.

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