Like eating a delicious meal and feeling that it will digest completely and without gas or gurgles. I want to taste everything and experience everything… challenge myself to grow emotionally & experientially.

I love being able to say I tried it.

A life without regret for me would be a life without having to admit “I don’t know”.

Yuck, that upsets my stomach…

I’m not digesting that well.

Logically, it would be impossible for me to try everything, learn everything, experience everything, master everything…

I can’t know everything, but  I can share what things I’ve experienced.

That’s all I can do.

So, a life without regret would be a life without envy?

No, a life with gratitude for an infinite possibility of experiences yet to have. I don’t know, yet!

I haven’t tried that, yet!

I haven’t experienced that, yet.

A life without regret is a life of gratitude for what I have already,

a life where I can be happy for others experiences without feeling envious or jealous about what they have.

A life without regret is a life without judgement & self-recrimination.

The opposite of regret is gratitude!

by M. Perron (originally written on April 13th, 2017)


I allowed myself to be filled with regret at at the time of this writing… much hard and profitable work has been done to get me into a true growth mindset.

Special thanks to my friend, Berel Michael Weiner, who put me on this new path of self-awareness… I am so grateful to be climbing The Ladder with his help.

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