Vignettes – Snow Fruit

Vignettes - First Snow 2015-6

Imaginings from what is perceived:

From the road these glowed like ripe cherries; up close these wild apples are vibrant with color. Ever wonder how Ice Cider is made? Just not with these. These wild crabapples are usually bitter-tart and leave your tongue feeling dry. I didn’t taste them on the day I took this shot because they looked dry. Not a good sign of yumminess. However, I have had very tasty crabapple jelly and I found an intriguing video on YouTube on how to make crabapple wine.

Well, that got away from me a bit, and I’m back again. I decided to catch this shot because of the vibrant contrast of the red fruit compared to the dreary backdrop. The light came from my flash, not the sun, nor snow. It was a cloudy and dark day, but these fruits shined 40 feet from the roadside. I hope I can find them as vibrant again this year.

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What inspires an artist?

“All they see” is the first and most literal answer.

For me, that is several gallery & museum exhibits, dozens of books, and tens of thousands of images online. The gage of it all might be to see what I like and share on my own social media sites.

Let’s start with only these: Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, ViewBug, & Etsy.

The Materials: Quick! Order this stuff right now, AND You too can make masterpieces!

Photoshop for MacThe Review: You could use the free “ MAC Photos” program or Picassa and possibly get the similar results, but Photoshop offers you the flexibility of presenting yourself as a pro photographer, like no other program. There’s a reason it’s considered the best of the best, after all. So, this allows you the possibility of selling this service to others and funding more of your creativity

Apple MacBook Pro 15.4″ Laptop: The Review: You may choose to get an iMac for the bigger screen, and I couldn’t disagree with the beauty of working with the 24” screen. I picked the laptop, because of the need to be mobile and the flexibility of multi-purposing it to use for client demos. As an alternative to the weight of this model, I would suggest the MacBook Air 13”. Most of us have become accustomed to mobile device size screens and it is much easier to carry around.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR: The Review: My first DSLR camera was the EOS Rebel T3. This one is vastly superior to the old model. Canon has a well-deserved reputation for having top rated cameras. It requires a little play time to master it, and that time will be lessened by defining a clear idea of what you want to do with it, then jumping on YouTube for the multitude of How To videos. If you want a smaller camera to carry around, try Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Digital Camera OR go small & powerful with the Canon PowerShot Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD & built-in wifi.

Canon PIXMA MX492 Inkjet Printer: The Review: For me, this has been the easiest to use for cleaning and cartridge replacement. It works reasonably well with recycled inks and the wireless is easy to set-up. The Canon has worked best for me on ink usage. When purchasing printers, always consider the cost of ink replacement… for the most part, this is the big difference right now in printers. For big reproduction lines, it is better to outsource. For scanning, they are as good as the camera in them… this is one reason I’m a fan of Canon products. It does do a nice job of printing photos on good photo paper, and the black print is crisp and clean, provided you do regular cleanings and keep it dust free.


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