A special thank you to all our guinea pigs… I mean former meat-lovers… Umm, Err, Friends, I mean… who courageously accepted our invitation to a meatless feast.

Sawsan & I have been bragging and babbling on enthusiastically for weeks about how much our food options have exploded since embracing a more vegetarian lifestyle. I Guess we are making it sound yummy, because many of our friends insisted on a Spring celebration feast, so we accommodated.

After two days of solid pealing, chopping, marinating, roasting, and cooking, this is a little of what we served! But, first… we decided to let people make their own plates and eat the ingredients as they wanted: as slider-sized burgers, in Bhuda-bowls, in a pita-wrap, or piled high on their plates. I guess they loved it, because most went back for several servings in as many options as possible.

Sweet Potatoes, slowly fried in avocado oil, salt & pepper, with shallots.

Meatless Burgers: Coriander Infused Sweet Peas & Corn, Cajun flavoured Sweet Potato & Chick Peas, Cumin Flavoured Black Beans & Portobello Mushrooms: All with onions, and other simple spices. Baked, but they could be fried as well.

Breaded Eggplant Fries: You can add any flavour & dipping sauce to the breading of the deep fried delights. Even cold, they are scrumptious!


Asian Style noodled-Zucchini Salad: With a sweet and sour dressing. Add Cranberries & Almond Flakes to bump it up a notch and nothing will be left in these bowls!


Green Bean, baby Carrot, & Roasted Tofu Salad with a very light sesame seed vinaigrette.


Fried Teriyaki Jackfruit – looks like shredded chicken and tastes a lot like it too!


Roasted Tofu, Green Pea, and Sprouted Rice stir-fry.


Sauteed Green Beans with Oven Roasted- candied-cherry-tomatoes, in a cilantro-infused vinaigrette.


Sauteed Veggies: Simply fried slowly in an olive oil with lots of shallots, some salt & pepper. I would normally add loads of fresh garlic, but kept it out for a friend with an allergy.


We also served an eggless lemon-pinaple cheesecake, and mini-vegan chocolate cheesecakes (made with cashew cheese).

Our guests ate more than we’ve seen them eat before and no one ever complained about being stuffed. On top of that, no one was sleepy after the meal!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I love trying new foods! This is an awesome experience!

See you again soon in Veggieland!


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