Part 16 – New Expressions 

You will find an overview of newer experiments, greater ambitions and evolutions of previous stiles. The original intention was to include several new series and explorations with other media, but that became too vast to contain in these 500 works. Perhaps they will appear in my next project. Please stay tuned to see. 

Also, here in this final 100 images I’m shortening the length of the articles to focus primarily on the art works themselves. My hope to give you a deeper explanation of the inspirations behind each piece. 

I’ve done away with the “Books” & “Materials” lists altogether with the knowledge that my faithful followers can easily find them in previous posts from this series. Partly because it has gotten too repetitious and partly because the equipment I’ve been using I have upgraded with the rapid change of technology and access to materials.

I hope you enjoy this doorway into deeper explorations. 

You can always find much more of my work & process at the following sites: 

Arts M.Perron


Found by Arts M.Perron

And of course here on The New Renaissance Mindset

Thank you for following my progress and sharing in my growth!

Where the poem hides

The binding holds in

The pages to be filled

Like a sculptor

I can believe

The medium holds the art

Study the lines and textures

The surface is secretive

Only impulse distracts

The poem from the page



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