Part 18 – Sculpture Gods & Goddesses

As a child, I watched my father spend hours meticulously carving into a long of clay. Carefully misting it with water and daily smoothing & re-smoothing cracks and faults he found in the nearly perfect surfaces, or so I saw them. I never wanted to put that much work into it. I needed a more instant return. Little did I know that I would eventually see many full days wash by as I build my own sculptures. I got completely lost in the work and had no awareness of the time passing. I was in bliss from the work. I can now only guess that is what my dad felt as he worked all those hours. I have yet to pass this passion on to my daughter, but she already get’s lost for hours in her beautiful drawings. So, whatever the liminal state my Father inspired me to attain, I’ve seemingly passed that onto my kid. 

This is what I used to say about the process heading to these works: “The clay gave me the courage to go beyond my drawings, to explore the forms of the human body. I spent time studying the ancient Greek statues, trying to discover the essence of beauty in them. These are some of my expressions of classic sculpture.” The truth, as it seems to me bow if more that I took a leap of faith and let my imagination take the drivers seat and control my hands! 

You will find in this selection some early works that focused on reproducing African expressions and served as my apprentice phase to conquering hand-building techniques. Well, this is what one of my masters said of these. 

Following those is a series that required more inner faith, as I had to conquer my self-criticism, and shyness, or should I say my worry of being harshly judged by others. They focus on the female and male nude, inspired by ancient fertility statues and classical greek sculptures. I’m not suggesting I have mastered that skill set yet, but I feel I achieved the expression & sensuality of the forms. you be the judge.

I hope you enjoy them and feel free to post your comments and questions. 

god & goddesses


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