A little good news — about amazing art

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/animal-sculptures-trash-art-stephanie-hongo/ I love found object art and almost any artwork that transforms recycled materials. Check out @sugarfox_art

A little good news — about art as activism

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/paolo-fanciullis-la-casa-dei-pesci-is-an-underwater-sculpture-garden-that-stops-trawling/ This one of those stories you just have to read... now excuse me while I try to figure out some stone sculptures that will protect our old growth forest and fishing bays.

A little good news — Art is all around us!!!

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/twig-saints-chris-kenny-twig-art/ The world is full of art! This artist really found that inner child we so often deny and delivered a world so full of joy and wonder, that I want to run out to the forest and explore! It reminded me of the random rock and branch sculptures I would make during walks in … Continue reading A little good news — Art is all around us!!!

Goat-ish – Stalled due to Covid 19?

The second ceramics challenge this past semester was to make sculptural objects that had components of animal, vegetable, or mineral. As usual, showing a variety of hand-building techniques. Before the school shutdown due to Covid 19, I was able to complete the building of several pieces. Most were bisqued and I was on time to … Continue reading Goat-ish – Stalled due to Covid 19?

The Prisoner of the Accretion Castle

During the accretion project, we had a few smaller creative exercises that stimulated some ideas. This one came from following the teacher prompt to make and use a thick slab, which I normally don't do. I couldn't quite feel what to do with it and put it aside to start on other ideas. The slab … Continue reading The Prisoner of the Accretion Castle

Secret Memory Box #5a – Letting Them Go

Back to my fluted faces, filled with joy and music. These are repositories of happiness and perhaps I have not let that go into the universe enough. I love these figures and have the devil of a time explaining why to others. Maybe I just did: they are full of happiness, but also sadness at … Continue reading Secret Memory Box #5a – Letting Them Go

Strange Lighthouse

Porcelain clay, hand-built slabs, tapped, carved. Bisqued without stains. I dipped the whole thing in clear glaze, then painted the stonework with a matte finish black glaze. The small window in the door has a blue crackle glaze in it, and I wasn't entirely sure it wouldn't drip down the door during firing. it was … Continue reading Strange Lighthouse

The Altar of The Face

Intended as a gift for someone who did some work for me. They had liked something similar I made sometime before and I thought they'd like this one too. Well, that's a lesson in... well, I frankly don't know. I didn't have the guts to ask them why they didn't like it. Perhaps the title … Continue reading The Altar of The Face

Chrysalis Teapot

This started with soft scraps of clay and transformed into a teapot. My amazing daughter was with me in the studio and she added the butterflies. The glaze was a Cone 6 creme that didn't like the stoneware clay body very much. it was painted on, instead of being dipped. I also painted a manganese … Continue reading Chrysalis Teapot

Abstract Ship

Again using scraps of slabs and joining them together into whatever shape they decide. This was done while I was seeing the smokestacks of ships in my imagination. I decided to experiment with a red engobe of my own mixture. It would have been more vibrantly red, had I fired it at Cone 04, instead … Continue reading Abstract Ship