Goat-ish – Stalled due to Covid 19?

The second ceramics challenge this past semester was to make sculptural objects that had components of animal, vegetable, or mineral. As usual, showing a variety of hand-building techniques. Before the school shutdown due to Covid 19, I was able to complete the building of several pieces. Most were bisqued and I was on time to … Continue reading Goat-ish – Stalled due to Covid 19?

The Prisoner of the Accretion Castle

During the accretion project, we had a few smaller creative exercises that stimulated some ideas. This one came from following the teacher prompt to make and use a thick slab, which I normally don't do. I couldn't quite feel what to do with it and put it aside to start on other ideas. The slab … Continue reading The Prisoner of the Accretion Castle

Secret Memory Box #5a – Letting Them Go

Back to my fluted faces, filled with joy and music. These are repositories of happiness and perhaps I have not let that go into the universe enough. I love these figures and have the devil of a time explaining why to others. Maybe I just did: they are full of happiness, but also sadness at … Continue reading Secret Memory Box #5a – Letting Them Go

Strange Lighthouse

Porcelain clay, hand-built slabs, tapped, carved. Bisqued without stains. I dipped the whole thing in clear glaze, then painted the stonework with a matte finish black glaze. The small window in the door has a blue crackle glaze in it, and I wasn't entirely sure it wouldn't drip down the door during firing. it was … Continue reading Strange Lighthouse

The Altar of The Face

Intended as a gift for someone who did some work for me. They had liked something similar I made sometime before and I thought they'd like this one too. Well, that's a lesson in... well, I frankly don't know. I didn't have the guts to ask them why they didn't like it. Perhaps the title … Continue reading The Altar of The Face

Chrysalis Teapot

This started with soft scraps of clay and transformed into a teapot. My amazing daughter was with me in the studio and she added the butterflies. The glaze was a Cone 6 creme that didn't like the stoneware clay body very much. it was painted on, instead of being dipped. I also painted a manganese … Continue reading Chrysalis Teapot

Abstract Ship

Again using scraps of slabs and joining them together into whatever shape they decide. This was done while I was seeing the smokestacks of ships in my imagination. I decided to experiment with a red engobe of my own mixture. It would have been more vibrantly red, had I fired it at Cone 04, instead … Continue reading Abstract Ship

Transformations with Life #18 (Don’t Panic, We’re In The Together)

Leave pieces out long enough and Mother Nature starts to add her own touches everything you make. I was inspired by some pieces I made for my dad's garden, that slowly started to crack, get covered with mosses, and become homes for all sorts of plants and wildlife. These never went into the garden, much … Continue reading Transformations with Life #18 (Don’t Panic, We’re In The Together)

What is your favourite form of ceramic art?

I'm doing a research paper for my Art History class and would love some public answers to this question.

500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #434 – Ancient Goddess

Ancient Goddess Musings of the Artists Mind I’m tempted to let you define this one for yourselves, because I’ve rewritten my definition too many times. I feel this is one of my most feminine figures. It combines all the aspects strength and softness I use to define femininity. The words I use all have positive … Continue reading 500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #434 – Ancient Goddess