Blue Man Thinking

R-Blue Men -Thinking

Musings of the Artists Mind

The Blue Man series was an extension of my Blues paintings, full of music, movement and joy. I believe this one is living in Scottsdale, AZ. 

The odd thing is that in my initial drawings, all the faces were small and round. When I started making the faces in clay, they became elongated and obviously similar to African masks. 

At this early stage in my hand-building skills, I had yet been permitted to explore different glazing techniques, so I opted to create contrasts in hue and texture with stains and engobes, followed by clear glazes. Should I ever return to making more of these, I will have a much vaster range of colours and textures. 

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What inspires an artist? 

“All they see” is the first and most literal answer. 

For me, that is literally hundreds of gallery & museum exhibits, thousands of books, and tens of thousands of images online.  

Books that Inspired and Influenced my Experimentation:

When asked where to start a book collections, I almost always recommend these art bibles: Janson’s “History of ArtOR Phaidon’s “The Art BookBoth give a nice overview with good pictures. Once you’ve discovered what you are attracted to there most, you can then dig deeper into that area.

These are perhaps the most accessible influences, but the truth is that my influences run deep through thousands of books and works I’ve seen & read. If you have the time, you are free to visit my GoodReads library to see a fraction of the books I’ve read. These are the ones I remember, that is. Or you can visit the ever growing collection on my Pinterest account. 


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