Part 19 – People of The Land  

Now we come to the moment of truth, well relatively speaking, that is. What follows are a series of recent explorations that combine my obsession for all things Naive & Folk with Regionalist paintings styles from Canada (mainly Maritimes), Russia, and America, and some narration found in Quebec illustration styles. 

I’ve chosen various sunset colours for my skies. Perhaps to grab attention, perhaps to satisfy my hypothesis that we don’t all see the world the same way and that the sky isn’t always a real blue. The rest of my pallet is blatantly stollen from the African and Mexican colours I love so dearly, as well as my endless attempts to imitate the dusty light I see in the works of my favourite regionalist painter, Andrew Wyeth. I still haven’t cotton there, in my view, but I continue to trying. I used acrylic paints and glazes, mostly a pallet knife to achieve encaustic look.

I’ve described before the technique I enjoy while doing these. It is a gradual building of thin layers of paint mixed with varnish. Most of them have over a hundred coats of paint built up on them and they tend to take at least a month to finish each. As you will see, I have chosen to work on a small group with similar pallets at a time. I’ve found this technique both enjoyable and frustrating in the pace I need to keep and the time I need to spend on a single image. I tend to like more diversity, but this has proven to flow into my meditations. I play music and give myself little thirty minute meditations to focus completely on these groups. 

I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to reading and sharing your feedback on them. 


people of the land

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