Over the years I seemed to have accumulated quite the load of “Kallax” Ikea shelves. They always started out as nice display cases and storage option, but after years of being moved around and ending up in my garage, they have seen better days… until today, that is!

My newly teenaged kid wanted a cooler room and has begged for a platform or bunk bed. The two challenges I faces were the height of the ceilings in her room were too low for such a bed, and she inherited my Queen-sized, memory-foam, ridiculously expensive, Sealy Posterpedic mattress a few years ago and loves it. So no store bought option was going to do for this challenge. So, I looked for a solution that would also solve a secondary challenge of the need for extra storage in her room.

Bed 1

I grabbed the Ikea shelves that were sucking up space around the house and not seeing much tender care, cleaned them, filled in holes and patched up what needed patching primed and painted them all white. Then we plopped the old box-spring with non-slip pads under them on top, and added the massive mattress on top. And while you don’t see the ladder for her to climb up onto her new bed, it is moveable and being painted as we speak… also from repurposed materials.

So begins the story of “Found, Boutique D’Arts et Décor“, where you Find Great design Without Losing Your Wallet.

ps: This bed isn’t there, because it isn’t for sale, however, I would gladly work for you in turning your old stuff into something new and amazing!


2 thoughts on “Repurposed Into a Bed – Thank you Ikea

  1. Don’t you absolutely adore it when you figure out a way to repurpose something that was basically in the way into something that makes you smile and works well in your space?!? I love it! So so clever. ❤️❤️❤️

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