Part 20 – Digital Inspirations

digital inspirations

We’re in the home stretch, the 9th inning, the final chapter and I’ve found my way full circle back to the start. I’ve always said that all I see has been what has inspired my drawings, paintings, and sculpture. Now, with this series of enhanced digital photos, my art has inspired and uplifted what I see. 

I’ve added textures, highlights, colours, framing, and many secret tricks to present my vision of what I saw. I infused emotional reaction into them and occasionally tore a new meaning from the objects captured by my camera. This playing with a digital medium added more narrative to my photography and allowed me to experience what I often do during the long creation process with other media, I created stories in my mind about what I saw and what was happening to and around the objects I depicted. 

Please come daydream with me and enjoy how these two dimensional images come to life for me. I would be honoured if you would share with me what you see in them as well. Enjoy these digital inspirations and let’s see what they develop into together. 


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