The Funky New Sock Dresser

A wise man once told a man’s wealth can be seen by how many socks he has. I still don’t know if he was pulling my leg or not, but he started me on my obsession to collect funky socks! So, when I started repurposing old furniture I decided to make something suitable for my crazy sock collection. Much to my patient and understanding wife’s chagrin, my crazy sock collection has overgrown my sock drawer. This may be a solution, at least for now… Old side table commode

It started with a discarded and obviously well loved side table commode and I knew right away it must be used for SOCKS!

This simple Quaker-ish styling is made of solid maple and appears to have been kept in good condition, except for the broken drawer handle. It was owned by a lovely Middle-Eastern family up the road who have been gradually changing the decor in their home. I just had a gut feeling that it could be brought back to life with a little love an attention.

It’s been gently sanded and cleaned, then the drawers were painted and the rest rubbed with MinWax dark finishing wax. I changed the handles for these brushed nickel knobs to add an extra modern twist.

For the time being it resides in my home/ gallery and you can see it and more like it at Found – Boutique D’Arts et Décor.

Or you can inquire about it here on my blog.


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