On a recent Father & Daughter visit to Finnegan’s Flea Market, one of our favourite summer locations, we came across this cute little bench.

We originally thought it would be a good addition as a seat to her art-tool box. I fell in love with the bowed legs that gave me the impression it was a small pug dog with bowed legs and my imagination took off! I had to have it and see what I could do with these legs!

My original thought was to give it the pug-over treatment and do a naive dog design all over it, complete with curly tail, bulging eyes, and black paws. As I started to remove the paint from the legs, I discovered it was solid wood and there were some lovely grain & knots to be emphasized. My hopes were that the top would be the same. It wasn’t. The veneered top just wasn’t as nice and I knew I’d have to paint it.

So, now what was I gonna do? Stick with the Pug motif or run in a different direction. I did what I often do and let go to the process. I polished the legs with a clear finishing wax to accentuate the grain and lines in the bowed design. Then I started to paint the top with a base coat of antique grey. While I feel the whimsy I first saw in it remained, I’m not satisfied with the colour of the top. Back to trusting the creative process and It’s sitting in my office, glaring at me and demanding to be finished. Only, what colour will the top take: chalkboard black, bubblegum pink, chromium green, powder blue, or something entirely different? Maybe a silver.

I can make you a sure promise that it will be completed soon, as this little shouts in  such a shrill voice to be finished, that I get a headache every time I enter my office. He needs to be finished and set free into the world for someone to love.

Stay tuned. This and many more things will be coming to Found – Boutique D’Art & Décor.

Ps: We’re adding creative and technical partners and intend to list them soon on our Found Design Gallery page.


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