It’s Starting To Sink In

Almost thirty years ago I read The Way of The Bull by Leo Buscaglia and started considering the concept of Carpe Diem as part of an endless wish-list. Only, how to implement it when there are so many life-obstacles possible? Well, I didn’t get the concept back then, so I continued filling my brain with more stuff and always looking to the “ifs” & “whens” of the future, instead of the “NOW”. Moving forward to about five years ago, when my amazing wife inspired me to read “New Earth” & “Now” by Eckhart Tolle and the floodgate of books that started pulling the dots together after these two books. Now is all that matters. Feeling in the Now is gratitude, is mindfulness, is, joy.

Move forward again to about two years ago when we both started following the teachings of Abraham-Hicks and find ourselves growing daily from them. I see anywhere from a dozen to many dozens of quotes from Abraham daily on my Pinterest & instagram feeds and never a day goes by that I don’t have an A-HA! moment. This one really caught me off guard! Not because it talks about being in the now, which I’ve been slowly incorporating into my life, but because it gave me the missing piece to break out of my occasional pity-pot: “You might as well start somewhere, an it might as well be now.” Well, that did it for me. I can always come back to the NOW and change my feelings NOW.

I’m deeply grateful for all the NOWs I have and everyone is improving my life. I wish you all as many NOWs as you need to change yours to what you want.

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