The Possibility Of A Curio Cabinet Of Sorts…

Simply Fine Cabinet

Here’s the first of many new projects I hinted at in a recent article called The Joy of New Projects. This piece started as a beautifully made example of cabinetry made by the donors uncle. He told me he was a well known German Cabinet maker, but didn’t tell me his name and I found no labels or signatures on this finely made piece.


The simple lines and joints are perfect. The wood is possibly ash at the core, or birch with oak and cedar veneers. Nothing needed to be repaired, replaced, or refastened. It was in great condition, except for the yellowed varnish.

After sanding, it was cleaned and dried. Then I chose this fun Canary Yellow for the interior and my usual fav, a dark finishing wax on the wood. It came to life.

Curio Cabinet of sorts 2

My ever supportive wife loved it and asked to keep it. That’s the price of putting some love into a fine piece that needed it. It gets admired.

I’m having so much fun doing this, I’m in bliss about each piece so far.

This and many more will be going up on Found- The Repurposed Design Company site soon, along with many others. So, please visit the site and follow it.


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