Am I Folk Art or Art Deco?

This big guy has the most wonderfully hideous macrame shade over the metal cage you see here. If you can possibly imagine it, the macrame was torn and tattered, and covered with what looked like an old apron turned into a lamp-shade cozy. It was quite the sight and I almost passed it up, until I noticed the wooden knob, realized the lamp shaft was hand-turned and well polished smooth.

The previous owner was unable to identify exactly this came to Montreal from some distant relative in Germany, nor exactly how old it might be. What was clear is that it had been rewired within the last twenty years or so.

There’s an amazing natural patina on the wood and I’m just not sure I should tamper with it. I may just fiddle with the light portion and remove the whole shade to leave a single, or multiple hanging light bulbs; naked for all to see.  We shall see.

If you’d like to see it faster, I need your help with time and space… Please give me a hand and donate to the new workshop and follow my new site for all this wonderment at Found – The Repurposed Design Company.

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