The RCMP are taking a radical look at their recruitment strategy — including the possibility of ditching credit checks and allowing people with criminal backgrounds in — to help them rebuild their depleted ranks.
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Wow! This got my imagination going in all directions! Something about this feels connected to the fundamental importance of education and cultural identity. Perhaps it’s that I’m currently and deeply involved in the growing need for educators in Canada that triggered my instinct to look deeper into this issue with the Mounties as well. Perhaps it’s all these years focusing on branding and meaningful symbolism in my consulting work. Perhaps it’s something deeper too.

As a cultural icon that I can identify as purely Canadian, the Mounties are my favourite. They have always seemed to me as the symbol of all that is awesome about CANADA.

Recent scandals have served as a motivation to change and the new direction seems to follow the original purpose and values identifying the Mounties. Values are the key!

When I read this article, I felt a calling to join them, to be part of something that has always felt heroic to me. Then I got a little more real and wondered where I could contribute to this inspiring institution. As an artist, writer, marketing consultant, and educator, what can I offer The Mounties?

The answer that came back to me was from Simon Sinek: I can inspire the next generation of Recruits and prospects to do what inspires them… to be symbols of justice, fairness, kindness, and strength… in a nutshell, to be Mounties.

What do you think of the Mounties?

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