Coencorp is offering more than your average Fuel Management System.

After nearly thirty years of innovating with the changes requested by their clients, they have a deeply integrated, highly adaptable, and wonderfully user-friendly tool that solves challenges faced by almost any industry’s fleet.

And they are still growing with the changing definitions of what a fleet is.

This amazing company loves a challenge and actively invites out of the box questions on fleet management for a growing multitude of industries: mining, logistics & delivery, government, transit authorities, construction, etc…

Their platforms are adaptable to the accommodate all assets and equipment types, or so the success of finding solutions for their customers has shown.

Why not reach out to them with your unique challenge?

Ps: A little bird told this business leader with entrepreneurial spirit in its DNA has something coming out this year that will be a game-changer and potentially push the urban green mobility movement into the ultimate accessibility for the average Joe.

It’s worth keeping an eye on them. Their blog always give me fuel for thought and I believe it will do the same for you!

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