Unusual Green

My camera was picking up the green tint of the sunlight pushing through the canopy. It coloured everything green. Regardless of the filter, I played with, I couldn't render the grayscales of these mushrooms. So, I'll leave them with their toxic-radiation-green hue. I wonder if they glow in the moonlight too???  Prints & more available … Continue reading Unusual Green

Green Uncertainties

I have all these fern-like plants around my house. From far, they are not too exciting to look at but get closer and they become a jungle filled with ominous possibility. To the naked eye, the bigger and finer leaves appear to be two different plants; they even have different green hues. Up close, they … Continue reading Green Uncertainties

Going Green Is More Than Just Good Business – It’s Growth!

http://info.coencorp.com/blog/get-green-to-save-green-the-benefits-of-a-fuel-management-system?utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=70776951&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-93W4AD7pfFEor-J8i9eeh0DbT1H3nsyyGzDSXVChNmH1Hi3Ollqe35cpvPdzKdR5zn3ATjjC_ncImk49-arDtiHVSzgw&_hsmi=70776951 http://www.coencorp.com Coencorp is offering more than your average Fuel Management System. After nearly thirty years of innovating with the changes requested by their clients, they have a deeply integrated, highly adaptable, and wonderfully user-friendly tool that solves challenges faced by almost any industry's fleet. And they are still growing with the changing definitions of … Continue reading Going Green Is More Than Just Good Business – It’s Growth!

Helping Others – Opportunity Matchmaker

Are you ready to create the life you’ve imagined? NOW HIRING Hi, my name is Sawsan and I’m grateful to be part of a growing team of amazing people. We’re looking for that special someone to join our team. A Someone who either sees themselves now, or would like to see themselves as the following: … Continue reading Helping Others – Opportunity Matchmaker