I recently received a comment on an old posting regarding my once involvement with GoRead/Readers Legacy. I had tried to put them out of mind as it was an experience with mixed results. The article was under “Odds & Ends…

For the year I spent investing in them, I did end up making a little money, but not as much as promised, and it was very hard to collect. Also, contact with Dunn was exceedingly unprofessional.

Despite asking them to remove me from all email lists and trying to block them repeatedly, including reporting them to Google, I still get spammed by Ken Dunn.

Please be advised that I stopped with Goread over a year ago. I left them because I didn’t have confidence in the integrity of their business practices, nor the honesty of their founder & owner, Ken Dunn.

I apologize if my early efforts to promote them, as was what they asked me to do to earn money from them, may have caused anyone worst aggravations than my own.

I strongly urge anyone interested in this company to do their due diligence, before investing any money with them. You can start with these:




Please share any experience you had with them here in my blog community.

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