Note: (April 2019)- Please be advised that I stopped with Goread over a year ago. I left them because I didn’t have confidence in the integrity of their business practices, nor the honesty of their founder & owner, Ken Dunn. I strongly urge anyone interested in this company to do their due diligence.



So, when I started on Reader’s Legacy, the old name for GoRead, the investment was $29 USD a month, plus the cost of a book from their store. This book could cost between $4 & $40 USD… plus the $13 shipping & handling cost. Ok, this made me question how to make money. Let’s look at that a little, shall we?

You can make money in the following ways…

1- Sign up more people on GoRead and get $25 for each. I didn’t really get very enticed by this part, because I really don’t care to convince people to do something they can’t or are unwilling to see the benefits in. So, I didn’t do this. 

2- You can write articles and get them shared by others for shares in the communal pot. This is where it gets dodgy and requires you to have some faith in the process.

You can write an article a week, each gets you 1 share.

Each article needs to be shared on other social media sites, at least 5 times each.

You can attract followers – for every 10 you get an additional share.

Your articles can be shared by your followers – for every 20 sharing you get another share of the communal pot.

You can write excellent articles and get awarded a weekly Top 5 ranking which gets you a bonus of $25 USD.

Note: Things have changed as of February 1st, but it isn’t a surprise, as it’s spoken of in the Buzz video and the training videos… you now must invest $20 in advertising your stuff or services. This is still a little underdeveloped and they need to get a better grip of how this will help their members, as right now, unless you already have been using some other pay-per-click advertising program, it will be lost on you. So, now I’m averaging about $75 USD as a monthly investment.

3- Then there are Litcoins to be earned. You get litcoins, which are redeemable against books, at this time, and probably more stuff later.

So, what did I do in my first 65 days to earn an extra $900 USD? Well, this is what I did…

1- I completed my profile with all my links and a good biography.

2- I completed my Author page.

3- I wrote a weekly article and shared them on my social media network. This network includes: My Facebook Page, about 20 Facebook groups I’m a member of, and our local GoRead community on Facebook called BUZZ Too. There’s also Google +, LinkedIn, & Twitter.

4- I completed my library… each new book gets you awards and Litcoins, by the way, as does adding a rating + review of the books.

Note: This activity got me followers and fans. I replied to each new one with a thank you note and started engaging some of them in conversations.

5- I shared every article I wasn’t against on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. More Litcoins, more Fans, more Shares = more $.

6- I started looking at the books in my library and Fan-ing the authors, then following & Fan-ing other GoReaders who are also Fans of these Authors. This gave me more Litcoins, more Fans, more Shares = more $.

7- I started Fan-ing the publishers and publishing houses from the books in my library, then following & Fan-ing other GoReaders who are also Fans of these Authors. This gave me more Litcoins, more Fans, more Shares = more $.

Ps: Over 120,000 Litcoins so far! Enough for two top price books fro free!

8- I took the Skype call from the mentor that GoRead offers to help you make the most of things. In my case it was Bill Bergfeld. It improved my writing and focus.

9- I listened to the free training on how to write articles that will win awards. PS: I have won five Top Five article awards so far.

10 – I posted pictures, videos, added items to my store, and continued to share everything on social media.

Why did I choose to invest in GoRead?

For me, I knew it wasn’t going to be some false promise of making a fortune, but it was a safe place to start a blog and learn from successful authors & bloggers.

My first decision was to invested in the learning and apply it to my The New Renaissance Mindset blog.

My second decision was based on covering the cost of the investment. The communal shares tend to have an average value of $20 USD each. It wouldn’t take me much to get 4 shares.

My what have I got to loose and when do I pull out questions are also there.

1- I was already sharing my writing and other peoples content for free, so now I get something in return for doing it. I have decided to keep going with GoRead until such a time as it no longer covers my investment… be it money or time.

This is not a magic moneymaker. However, it can give you a relatively easy to use platform that allows you to more efficiently be a social butterfly, improve your writing / blogging skills, connect directly with published authors, and get a little extra cash in your pockets each month.

I’m happy to invite you to visit this site:

It’s working better than I anticipated for me and I’m compelled to share it with you. Come join what will possibly be the future of social media and books buying. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon isn’t watching and uses some of this to improve their GoodReads program.

As far as I’m concerned, this has been a great decision and a great step in my goals as a writer. Feel free to check out my GoRead blog and send me any questions or feedback: Author page:

Warning – Sale Pitch ahead – Do you get paid to blog, share, or write? No? Check this out: Tell Your Story @ #BeAnAuthor @ 


7 thoughts on “Odds & Ends – How I made an extra $400 a month on GoRead.

  1. Did you get out of GoRead before it turned into an absolute sh*tshow, stole revenue and money from users and shut down after the CEO jumped ship when it started to sink? Just wondering as there are a LOT of people who got badly burned by this site and are owed thousands.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I did. I have sent similar messages as yours out to various platforms and other bloggers that try to promote them as well. I believe they are still running as I still get email campaigns from Ken Dunn, no matter how often I try to block him, get Google to bar him, and or just tel him to f*** off!
      Thank you for reminding me of this now very old posting. I’m adding a warning to it today.


  2. It’s my pleasure to help.
    In case you are interested, here may be the solution to the Ol’ Boy Network for you:
    WOW seems to be the most international of the women’s networking organizations. There may also be a local chapter of MIB – Moms in Business or Mothers in Business near you…
    A local chamber of commerce can also get you to a networking group that feels right for you.
    I’ve found that there are quite a few such groups started by the local community news websites as well… There’s often a “Families” magazine of some sort in most communities.

    BNI isn’t ever the only game in town.

    Stay hopeful and positive and you will attract it back… look, your awesome question got me to blurt out all sorts of stuff. Keep it up, you’ll find more people want to help you succeed than you could ever imagine.



  3. I’m curious if you could tell me which websites would help me get started as a free-lance writer? I have heard so many people rave about it but I have a mental block, mostly because I don’t want to deal with social media, why can’t I just answer to the people paying me for a job? This day and age has me feeling totally unequipped to share my thoughts and be successful at something I enjoy. Any advice?


    1. Wow, that’s a question filled with hundreds of smaller questions, isn’t it? Maybe that’s a way to start you on your path. Break it down.Maybe answer the following questions first.
      Why do you want to write?
      Who do you want to read your writing?
      These two questions will lead to where and what to write.
      For example, if you don’t want anyone reading what you write, then do it in a journal. Otherwise, social media and sharing on line are part of the world we live in today.
      As far as I know, there is no freelance site that won’t ask you to help promote yourself in some fashion. May I ask why you feel social media is such a big deal? It’s just as simple or complex as you want to make it.
      I feel that GoRead has been a nice place to get advice and support on my writing, and I am comfortable with the fact that is borrows some great tools from social media to help me make money. May I ask what you mean by a mental block? Are you referring to your writing, or to using social media?
      Finally, the easiest places to offer your writing services are places like Craig’s List, however, you will still need to promote samples of your work for someone to buy your services. Most of the mainstream media today gets work for nearly nothing, as there are loads of “aspiring writers” for them to prey on. If you believe you are a writer, then one of the best things to do is to get comfortable with networking… and that is done face-to-face or on-line.
      At the end of the day, it still comes down to you having to work hard to promote yourself. Even established authors say the same thing.
      You might like this Ted talk by Bel Pesche… it inspired me:

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      1. I really appreciate your response. I guess I expected my move three years ago to be a permanent one but once I got to Georgia I realized I hated it. I stopped associating with people because networking wasn’t available to me as an outsider to the good ol’ boy system that made me jump through extra hoolla hoops for something that came easy to them because of roots. That’s my other problem, longing to root myself somewhere that isn’t so opposing to my train of thought, which is nonconventional Christianity that deals with seeing supernaturally. But you had strong suggestions of using social media that make sense for reaching other non-conformists out there. I will definitely try to venture out and at least get a portfolio together. Your time and feedback is so valued, thank you!!!!!!

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