This simple succulent is elevated and transformed, as is the small tea bowl, now reborn as a planter. The pot now lives into a second life with purpose as the home of this baby plant. Something about how she stands in the pot, full of mischief and reaching to get out and conquer the world, reminded me of images of pixies playing in a child’s bedroom as it slept. 

The pot is hand built from a raku stoneware clay body, with a base tapped to a rustic taper. The glaze is achieved by alienating layers of  a Pinel Green, with a high gloss clear, and a surface brushing of a slip mad of the same clay body, mat white glaze, and iron dust.  The inside is coated in a red engobe covered in a clear glaze. 

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For more of my pots in their natural state, please visit Arts M.Perron:

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