Originally posted on Found – The Repurposed Design Company

Have ever told you before how much I enjoy salvaging furniture? This little fellow was lost under a pile of broken Ikea shelves when I found him. I thought art was just some small bench or couch-side table. Imagine my surprise when I could open it and discovered it is a very sturdy little piece.

When it’s standing alone, it looks a little tall to be a piano table, and it doesn’t seem to have ever had any kind of cushion on it, but it does look like one. I started sanding it and realized it needed something different than my usual finishing. So, after a lot of cleaning and a little sanding, I chose to go with white chalk paint, antiqued by black finishing wax, and then coated with a generous covering of beeswax.

Dimensions (approx) : H – 20″ (50.8 cm) x W – 30″ (76.2 cm) x D -12 ” (30.5 cm)

Available to own for $150 (plus shipping and handling)

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