“Depression is your mind telling you it’s tired of being the character you’re trying to play.” By Jim Carrey

The key word here if “trying”. You have to learn how to always be authentically you. This is so important that all the time and energy you put into being someone else will always repeat failures and eventually bring you down. 

I’m not saying this is easy for me, as I still sometimes give into the fear to try to please others. Lately the universe is giving me a gift along with my increasing awareness of when I do this acting. It’s giving me the clear gift of being suddenly very tired and sad. Remember, that if something feel bad, it is bad for you. I don’t like feeling tired and sad. It feels bad. So… I’m grateful it is increasing my awareness and allowing me the motivation to consider alternate actions that are more authentically me. It’s an ongoing process and it’s progressing. That is a lifting of the depression. 

If you are a fan of Abraham-Hicks, you will frequently hear the directive of foiling everything you can to get happy. 

If you are not being you, who are you being and how does that feel?

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