“Eliminate everything that gives you conflicted feelings. Embrace the things that resonate with your soul.” By unknown

I’ve come across this concept in many different quotes, but never as clearly in response to questions about what to do with self-doubt. If something feels off, acknowledge it, consider it, if you must, then look at your end-goal again, get over it, and get back on track. Before I dig deeper into this thought, consider that this isn’t a call to quit when things get tough. I also feel that this concept applies far better to making plans than to spontaneous reactions. 

You have dream in mind, you’ve set it as a goal, it fills you with a sense of purpose. Now you plan a route to achieve it. Visualize the steps and feel how achieving each one feels. This is where you will really need to listen to your gut, you instinct, your heart. They all tell you when it feel right and wrong. Use what they tell you to plan a route without conflict. This is a pro-active elimination of conflicted feelings. S**t might still happen along the way, and you will need to choose how to feel about them and adjust. If you pursue the direction of what feels good and make your goal the reward, the path may still have some discomfort, but it will be easier to see it as worth it. 

What resonates with your soul?


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