“When God wants to move you to bigger blessings, He’ll allow a heavy storm to pour on you. Every plant grows after rain.” From averstu.com 

Wow! This is so much more than just about having faith. Faith was the first word that came to mind when I read it, but the feeling, or emotion that followed was acceptance. It’s a reminder that we are all exactly where we should be right now. This is where we are meant to be right now, in our journeys, our destinies, and the grand scheme of it all. A vast feeling of relief comes over me when I allow myself to live with this thought. With that relief comes gratitude. 

These are the keys to manifestation that Abraham-Hicks so often repeats: belief, acceptance, allowing, and gratitude. All the thought leaders from The Secret repeat it as well. Over and over again, I am brought back to these four pillars and they all hold up one word for me. That word is NOW. Focus on the now.

What does this quote mean for you?


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