Oh, how I didn’t want to do this project at first! Really, I didn’t understand the directions. I mean, take these small poorly photocopied and cut up pieces of famous Goya etchings and extrapolate the lines outward into whatever vision comes to you. Oh, and we have to use a dip-pen with metal nib and inkwell. This is so outside my usual practice that it could be considered outside my comfort zone.

Great! My inner voice screamed at me and so I dove in and had some fun.

This is the first of three and I was holding onto complete images from the start. I drew long lines off the small squares and had general outlines for the whole drawing in a short period of time. Then I filled everything in with little lines. Not exactly the point of this. in this one, adding the colours was the fun part!

Let me introduce you to the devil, Beelzebub and his long-suffering servant, Bob.

See more at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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