The drawing teacher gave the instruction to complete a “large” drawing, then the details fell apart for me.

What style, what subject, what… everything? These were the questions of my fellow classmates and the answers came back in such a fashion that it seemed anything would be accepted. later, one-on-one, the teacher suggested I use paint, as long as I drew something large and made it a strange hybrid. I threw some hybrid styles I knew at him (eg: steampunk), and he agreed to all of them as possible. so, I just went with my gut.

I was thinking of the awesome creatures created by Shag, Tim Biskup, Chris Riccardi, and the awesomeness of Samurai Jack when I came up with this Rockabilly Hybrid.

For me, all these artists follow the comedian’s code of always add an “and then” to everything funny or weird. In this case, it was the single roller skate and knife blade for a foot.

The plague doctor, bird-face mask just seems like the quintessential symbol of steampunk.

The Tiki head… well, Shag & Biskup possessed my soul years ago, and I’m eternally grateful to them for it!

This guy stands over seven feet tall and four feet wide. I purposefully drew him on multiple pieces of craft paper to add to the Frankenstein feel of the composition. Started with a simple 2b pencil, then gouache and charcoal. It was an unholy mess to manage in my confined studio space, but loads of fun. When I re-assembled it in class for display, the lines no longer matched up and that added another layer of “shouldn’t be” monstrosity to it.

The Hybrid Project

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