These are the only two characters from the stack of photocopied images the teacher gave us that really tickled my fancy. There was another one of the Scarecrow that looked a little like a rag doll, but another student grabbed it. There was also one of an old crone sewing the scarecrow together that I may revisit, but I’m kinda holding out for the image to coalesce in my head with a more Tim Burton style. Especially the old crone; the scarecrow is already becoming a mix of Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie. But I digress…

I liked the cluelessness on the face of this Scarecrow and the odd mad scientist face on the Tin Man. I also found it fascinating that neither are wearing their traditional hats. Perhaps these illustrations are part of their origin stories in this edition of the book.

Stay tuned to what follows as I explore the images I want to continue playing with…


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