Ok, so every character from this illustrator’s versions of this book seem to suffering from an excess of gravity. It is deeply amusing. Moreover, the possibility that this non-traditional Tin Man also suffers from the gluttony usually attributed to the lion is very funny to me.

I beefed up the affect (pun intended) by further shrinking the head and receding it deeper into the water-tower torso. One wonders is there is much of a head at all, or is it all just the side-hat? The spindly arms and legs further demonstrate the sloth of this rendition and totally remove the heroic personification of the traditional Tin Man from the movie. An yes, he is wearing a colander for pants… just another level of ridiculous.

I can’t quite tell if the source artist loves or hates the Tin Man. Personally, I think it’s both, since this version is so well thought out.

More to come…


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