The muse for this painted their version without eyes and with deeper shading to deliver a strong 3-dimensionality to their vision. I wanted to stay closer to the illustrative style I’ve been playing with. I might revisit this one, but with different materials. I feel the fine line makes it too childish.

My teacher wants me to draw a big one from this series, so maybe I’ll do it with this one.

The elongated body, smaller head, smushed into the body, and the shortened legs all add a carelessness to the builder… this is a sentiment I got from the books. The character laments the neglect from its builder and careless imperfections in its design. Hmmm… I realized that Data in Star Trek must be at least partially modelled on the Tin Man. Aware of their flaws and seeking to achieve what they perceive to be perfection… the humanity found in our hearts.

Stay tuned for more to come…


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