The second ceramics challenge this past semester was to make sculptural objects that had components of animal, vegetable, or mineral. As usual, showing a variety of hand-building techniques.

Before the school shutdown due to Covid 19, I was able to complete the building of several pieces. Most were bisqued and I was on time to bisque and finish everything. This was the only piece left un-bisqued, because I wanted it to dry slowly. It is more massive (thick-walled) than all my other pieces, so it needed a slower drying time to avoid dramatic cracking.

At the time of writing this post (March 18th, 2020, it looks like this one might not get finished. I would love to see it bisqued, at least. I have been visualizing the finish on it, using underglazes, very little glossy glaze, and some stains. I want to bring out the hairs on the goat, and make it look smoky.

Hopefully, it will get finished… if not… that is the nature of ceramics… mother nature decides the finished products…

3 thoughts on “Goat-ish – Stalled due to Covid 19?

    1. Thank you, Chris. I hope so too. Right now, all the studios at Concordia are closed and last I heard, will potentially remain so until August. I have a bunch of half finished work left there before the isolation and I hope they will allow me to finish them.

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