What do you think about this new branding look for where I’ll show my creative output?

I’ve been playing with the possibility of launching a new website where I can market my artwork. I’m building sites on WordPress, Wix, Etsy, Shopify, Squarespace, etc… It’s all play right now, but of course, it makes me consider how I market my work: questions about message, mission, vision, clients, market, language, aesthetics, personality, color meaning, and emotions have been flooding my brain!

Arts MPerron on Pixels has been my site for years now. It allows me some visibility and the possibility for my viewers to purchase prints and other merchandise. I’m grateful that I’ve had it up all these years, but there are so many more options now. Also, Arts MPerron doesn’t really talk about the furniture refinishing I’ve fallen in love with; it doesn’t give a nod to the photography obsession I have while collecting inspirations; it doesn’t define all the different media I use in making.

I need a new logo; a new name; a new look to match the brand in my head!

What should be a simple question about language starts my conundrum. I live in a bilingual place: English & French. My local market is… well valuable to me, because I can hand deliver product to them. This may be moot for the prints that I’m making available of my 2d work, but I still feel it’s important. I also want something that encompases my infinite curiosity and passion for exploring all sorts of media.

Right now, I’m leaning towards “MPerron Creations”.

Here are a few ideas for the new aesthetic. I’d love to get some feedback from you.

Biz Card – front


2 thoughts on “Can I Have Your Opinion, Please?

  1. I like the name and the second design best. You should have your contact and social media details on your business card – on the back perhaps? I also like the first design, but (for me anyway) you should perhaps move the central box and line to the lower third of the card. Just a thought. Good luck with is anyway:)

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