The everyday people of this world are filled with wonderful stories. They may occasionally look bored, but don’t mistake this look to mean they are boring. Age has filled them with experience and perspective that we can all learn from. What do you think this fellow’s story is?

Using coloured Conte and charcoal on black paper remains an interesting challenge. I was drawing this one outdoors with the sun reflecting hard off the glass tabletop and the black page. I wasn’t sure what the end result would be. I’m really enjoying this process of letting go and allowing the materials do the talking.

I saw something recently that could possibly describe this sense of freedom and confidence… after over forty years of making art, I’m finally letting my muscle memory do the technical work, while I enjoy the creative process.

Available to own.

Please IM me here, or through Instagram @mariomjperron

Dimension: 9″ (23cm) x 12″ (30cm)

Materials: Conte & charcoal on black paper

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @


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