Heh, heh, heh. Oh, yeah!

Imagine the shot taken, or drawn right after some mischievous action was taken by the subject. Let your mind wander. So, far my imagination has ranged from the ever so slightly perverted to the absolutely absurd and everything in-between. What do you think has brought this self-satisfied smile to his face? Dimension: 9" (23cm) x … Continue reading Heh, heh, heh. Oh, yeah!

The Pesky Nosehairs

Our distinguished gentleman sees himself as the epitome of class, composure, and good grooming. The only feature that consistently troubles him is the uncontrollable growth of his white nose hairs. When someone has the courage to do so, they mention to him and are rewarded with his genuine consternation. He begrudgingly thanks them for pointing … Continue reading The Pesky Nosehairs

There’s A Dubious Sound Over There

Another view of our meek soul, commenting calmly on something that raises his alarm and fears. He is clearly trying very hard not to give in to panic by making such a subdued statement, but we know what's going on inside, don't we? Which way do you think he'll bolt? Dimension: 9" (23cm) x 12" … Continue reading There’s A Dubious Sound Over There

Gosh, that’s worrisome!

It doesn't matter that people express fear or surprise in a thousand ways; my coping mechanism seems to always turn to a cartoon response. More than that, everyone becomes a meek and silly caricature of themselves. Please don't judge me too harshly, I don't belittle the person's expression of fear when this happens. It actually … Continue reading Gosh, that’s worrisome!

Waiting As It Passes Us By – The Hollow Ones #42

The days drone on and one can hardly tell if society is looking ahead or getting used to being in this pandemic fear. The fear seems to be ahead of us. We aren't in it, and it hasn't passed. Every new day brings it forward. We're waiting to move, but the future seems scarier than … Continue reading Waiting As It Passes Us By – The Hollow Ones #42

Frankie Goes Dancing – The Hollow Ones #38

For those of you old enough to remember them, you will also remember why Frankie Goes To Hollywood was a common guilty pleasure. They were on my daily mix from Spotify today and I started remembering one of their live shows back in the 80s... Lavish light shows full of pastel & neon lasers; sound … Continue reading Frankie Goes Dancing – The Hollow Ones #38

Thespians of Agreement

Actors will always have a special place in my heart and creative expression. They are able to say what we often cannot or dare not. I'm not sure what these two want to say, but they seem to be agreeing on it, whatever it is. Now that I'm looking closer at the smaller face, I'm … Continue reading Thespians of Agreement

The Post-Modern Gender-phillic

I have no apology for this one. I am still an innocent soul open to learning and understanding. It is my positive response to all the amazing discussions and information my fellow art students are sharing with me. I may still be the old white guy in the room, but I'm more and more open … Continue reading The Post-Modern Gender-phillic

Old Man Facing The Wind

I was in need of filling a little time and didn't feel like getting dirty with charcoals, so I sat on a bench not far from this older businessman. He was enjoying the breeze and sunshine on his face. Well, that's what I think he was doing and probably what it would have looked like, … Continue reading Old Man Facing The Wind

Hellish Hair

Ok, this one may be more imitation than inspiration... well, I'm not sure. I was looking at charcoal drawings and saw someone make a portrait of some guy with messy hair. It followed closely after some stupid fashion ad on Instagram of people with "stylishly messy hair". Anywho... the drawing was done in a more … Continue reading Hellish Hair