The expression is definite and he wants you to know that he means it. I haven't the foggiest what he wants to say, but I believe him. See more at Arts M.Perron: http://www.1-mario-perron.pixels.com


Piercing Stare

This drawing is much closer to my usual style and it does feel very self-portrait-y! Probably because there was no particular image in mind when free drawing from my imagination. This isn't entirely true though, I find myself making lines that I feel I'm stealing from Modigliani and/or Picasso. Could be the love I have … Continue reading Piercing Stare

The Eternal

Perhaps it's due to the recent obsession with Marvel movies and what's coming next in the MCU, or perhaps it's just the way the hair looks like the flames of a garden gas torch, but when I started the process of editing this little face, the words eternal flame came to mind. It somehow looks … Continue reading The Eternal

Thoroughly Unimpressed

At first it was a copy of thickly painted oil painting, and I was getting frustrated at the great details in the original. So, I decided to let go and just doodle it. What came from it was a simple, even silly expression on the new face, that I am not sure was intended on … Continue reading Thoroughly Unimpressed