Foolish Heart – Music-book Doodles 2022

Another fool full of ambiguity... on the surface the heart may appear foolish, but this very disposable member of the king's court is always careful and on the watch ... they cannot let themselves ever be really foolish in their actions. They are the keepers of secrets, the soothers of anger, the playthings of the … Continue reading Foolish Heart – Music-book Doodles 2022


Puppy Look – Music-book Doodles 2022

We recently got our first puppy, a Maltese-poodle mix, named Whiskey... all energy and silly faces. This is the inquisitive face he makes for us whenever we make a new sound for him: a whistle, imitated animal sound, or copy his sounds. He stops, tilts his head, and stares at us as if to ask … Continue reading Puppy Look – Music-book Doodles 2022

Bad Birds Six – I Want To Be Impossible

I believe I was dragging the Skeksis (The Dark Crystal) from my subconscious when the brush first touched the paper for this one. Combined with a strange, one-legged creature from the Faerie kingdom, whose name escapes me, this giant bird emerged. Oh, yes, it is a giant! I imagine it a hun drew feet tall … Continue reading Bad Birds Six – I Want To Be Impossible

Bad Birds One – I Hate Just Waiting Around

It started about a week ago. My summer maintenance job was meant to be very easy work and I convinced myself it was just for a little extra cash, so it didn't matter what had to be done. I enjoy physical labour... it's a break from intellectual work and allows my mind to wander. However, … Continue reading Bad Birds One – I Hate Just Waiting Around

A little good news — about creativity I'm not sure why, but this mental exercise sounds familiar. As a person who has often been accused of being too literate because of my love of semantics, this is a game I've often played with myself... well, various versions of it. Care to see if you are really creative? Take the test:

The Used Horse Salesman

It's in the eyes. He has those used-car-salesman looks about him. Only he looks like he's from some Old-Western times... Trying to look the daddy and prosperous chap of those times. I kind of get the feeling he'd be selling a painted horse as a "new-fangled zebra". Perhaps I'm projecting but I feel he's got … Continue reading The Used Horse Salesman

Mumford’s Dad. Also known as, Mumford.

The everyday people of this world are filled with wonderful stories. They may occasionally look bored, but don't mistake this look to mean they are boring. Age has filled them with experience and perspective that we can all learn from. What do you think this fellow's story is? Using coloured Conte and charcoal on black … Continue reading Mumford’s Dad. Also known as, Mumford.

What’d You Say, Again?

Ok, I admit that I might be channelling an angry or serious Fat Albert here and I apologize if this is appropriation or even remotely racially insensitive. I think he started out in my mind as Peter Griffin from The Family Guy. The colours of my Conte just lend themselves to these features. Here he … Continue reading What’d You Say, Again?

So Much, but Maybe Not!

Distaste seems so mild for this expression. Disgust doesn't seem to cut it either. Disdain is just one of those words I've never fully integrated into my vocabulary. The expression seems to be making a sound well beyond a harumph! It's more of an air-through-the-nose followed by a "hmm"! There's a slight exclamation of curiosity … Continue reading So Much, but Maybe Not!

Mullin ‘n Chewin it Over

There I be, perplexed and annoyed. The conundrum eating away at my brain, like some parasitic cicada cry. Damned confusion! It's giving me a darned forehead wrinkle. The doodles are coming to life, but the white Conte doesn't love this paper as much as I'd hoped... could be my impatience that is increasing the friction … Continue reading Mullin ‘n Chewin it Over