Old Man Facing The Wind

I was in need of filling a little time and didn't feel like getting dirty with charcoals, so I sat on a bench not far from this older businessman. He was enjoying the breeze and sunshine on his face. Well, that's what I think he was doing and probably what it would have looked like, … Continue reading Old Man Facing The Wind


Hellish Hair

Ok, this one may be more imitation than inspiration... well, I'm not sure. I was looking at charcoal drawings and saw someone make a portrait of some guy with messy hair. It followed closely after some stupid fashion ad on Instagram of people with "stylishly messy hair". Anywho... the drawing was done in a more … Continue reading Hellish Hair

Fading Memories

Ghost or fading photograph? You decide. The dust of time is blowing across this sweet girl of centuries past. Her clothes give us a hint of where and when, but there must be more to her story. Who was she? Who loved her and who did she love? I once heard that when we see … Continue reading Fading Memories

But A Reflection…

A reflection, yes, but of what? Is the subject looking at himself and seeing what the mirror reveals of his soul, or something else? Perhaps he sees in the eyes of his interlocutors what they see of him: a strange, dark, and compelling interest. The image appears blurry until one squints at it and then … Continue reading But A Reflection…

A Serious Fellow

I'm really loving charcoal sticks! can you tell? They are deliciously messy and sloppy, but allow me to express so much more atmosphere. The figure comes alive on the page. He is no longer just a portrait of some creepy Victorian gent. He has become the tragic protagonist of an Edgar Allen Poe novel. Seemingly … Continue reading A Serious Fellow

The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe

First, do you also feel that this gentleman is missing his pipe? I get the feeling his hands might be fidgeting without it. Perhaps it's the feeling that he isn't sitting still, or that his eyes are imploring me to hurry up and finish the drawing, so he can get on with his business. I … Continue reading The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe

It Is As It Was

The expression is very matter-of-fact and I have no clue what I was thinking when I drew it. It's an old drawing I just found in a sketchbook I wanted to recycle for a new class. What amazes me is the alertness of the face and the amount of expression that only a few lines … Continue reading It Is As It Was


Going back to a more Cubist styling with this beauty. She reminds me of an earlier drawing called "Lovelie Lao". It looks here like I've caught her waiting for someone or something and scrunching up her shoulders with some resignation of their delay. The layering and using of the sides of the conte sticks seems … Continue reading Waiting

The New Doonesbury

Her title came to me in a flash. Do you remember the Doonesbury comic strips? That's what she remind me of. Something sardonic in her expression. Thay all had it. A certain incredulity in their eyes. The odd hair that always looks like it's blown but something other than wind. I played a little more … Continue reading The New Doonesbury

Post-Modern Mummy

Ok, she is a Mummy. Wrapped in a gossamer cloth, almost see-through with age. Her hair is wild and standing straight up on her head, with a new wave - post-punk style. She is even wearing a black ribbon around her neck, adding a certain sexiness to her look. The black lipstick adds the tough … Continue reading Post-Modern Mummy