We had the Zoom-class group critique on this one and I got really great feedback (& kudos… gotta love those kudos!!!).

I got the depth, tension, and contrasts… the transitions between the red to yellow worked well and the teacher liked the way I used the in-between tones to capture volume.

This was an enriching challenge… I got better at observing the model I chose and using it to prompt my memory of techniques… it was a problem solving art experience. In the end, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

When looking at the amazing work of my classmates, all sorts of thing I hadn’t consciously been trying popped up in their work. I saw how much this could have been a totally different experience with a different palette choice, how I could force perspectives and play with more Cubist forms to build volume and tension. All within my current techniques.

The biggest take-away is the building of vocabulary to explain my work and process… that’s still building!

The next challenge drops the palette from five to three colours, but no longer as an analogous painting… she didn’t give much else in the form of instruction, but lots of very subtle hints to think on this as somewhat a monochrome… only one that uses three different colours. Yikes!


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