First a reminder about the materials used (see previous posting on October 12)… We have cotton, silk habitat, raw silk, and wool.

They have been soaked in mordants (Alum, Soy milk, Sumac) or nothing.

I used a cold-bath technique of soaking the materials overnight (after wetting them in warm water).

I’m not sure if the drying process cures them a little more and changes the colour… I may see more oxidation effects in the next experiment of changing Ph… also, I’m working in a sunless room, so the colours won’t fade too quickly.

From top to bottom, these sample baths are: Goldenrod, Staghorn sumac Flowers, and the orange one is an over-dye of turmeric in madder.

In the middle you will see little strips of raw silk & cotton soaked in different iron waters, but more on this tomorrow.


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