A Glory of Magenta

This one is all about the colour... impure magenta... flawed to perfection with white pollen and bug bites. The sun loves it! These petals often dry to a brittle paper and even keep some of this colour. I'll have to venture out this Fall to see how they look after their Summer of sun-love. Prints … Continue reading A Glory of Magenta

A Beautiful Diversity of Colours

I've made some effort to keep the garden in the pinks that my wife enjoys, but this little bush was hiding where I didn't notice it. It was a house gift from Easter 2019 and we thought it had died last year. It was mostly green when I transplanted it to a recently cleared spot. … Continue reading A Beautiful Diversity of Colours

Digital Sunspots

Do you ever just have fun squinting at things around you? I do. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining through the leaves of the trees, which were gently blowing in the wind. The air was full of bees, dragonflies, mosquitoes, and flying beetles. Live was all around and delivering a cacophony of … Continue reading Digital Sunspots

It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Let hope in and know that all things must pass, including all this Covid-19 craziness. Let the darkness dissipate. Let the fear move on and embrace the joyful light. We don't need to get back to what was normal, that is what brought on this acceptance of fear. Be light, be happy, be different, be … Continue reading It Won’t Be Long Now – The Hollow Ones #43

Hooray, Spring is here!

I feel compelled to shoot these little beauties every year after the snow melts. They seem to stay hidden under the leaves until every speck of snow has melted under the Spring sun, then they pop up and celebrate the seasonal change. I have yet to be there at the moment when they pop up, … Continue reading Hooray, Spring is here!

Isolation Fantasy Blues #8

I've started teetering over the edge of boredom and the need to do something is growing into a near frenzy! With dozens of pages left to fill from the music sheets, chosen for these pastel drawings... well, here are a few more... staying with the fantasy of being able to live with quiet, if I … Continue reading Isolation Fantasy Blues #8

Making Colours Workshop

In a recent peer workshop, one of my fellow student-teachers proposed making paints out of sustainable materials. No stranger to making watercolours and ceramic stains out of natural pigments, I was intrigued by how she would turn these into "acrylics". I took careful pictures of the recipes (she took from the internet): coffee grounds and … Continue reading Making Colours Workshop

Bauhaus High-rise

Thank's to the art history class I'm currently taking I discovered a little more about the history of architecture here in Montreal. I thought I knew a little about the Bauhaus architecture, but somehow I never realized just how much of our beautiful city was defined by it. I'm not sure who got the credit … Continue reading Bauhaus High-rise

Very, Very Montreal

Montreal (Quebec, Canada) has some very interesting architecture, but almost every city in the world can say that with subjective ease. What makes the architecture of Montreal so interesting is how it is combined: the old and the new create layers of emotional design that open doors to the rich and often turbulent history of … Continue reading Very, Very Montreal

Watercolour Sky

Sunrise almost always inspires my creativity. The framing of this one was I'm portent, as I was taking random shots from across the street and found myself frustrated by the signs of human presence: houses, electrical wires, etc… While cropping to get the framing right, I saw more than my original attraction tin to the … Continue reading Watercolour Sky