The next challenge directives gives came as follows: “Make it big. It’s a big still life.”

Ok, now pause for dramatic effect… like what really happened in classs, before the questions started to roll out…

It’s meant to be big in stature, or subject of the composition; we can paint a close-up of one object on a large canvas, or a complex collage of subjects… still on a large canvas. We can use any approach (method, technique, material, style or -ism), as long ass we can explain our choice in an artists statement.

My first challenge is always COMPOSITION… I spent a few hours of the class arranging and re-arranging items, perspectives, lighting, etc… I’m still not sure what to paint.


Here are a few perspectives and composition options I might play with.

First, this is a modification of the still life compositions I’ve been doing… painting some of my ceramic work in a more traditional setting… I’m not sure I want to do the flowers and I’m starting to get a little bored of the same theme… maybe. Part of me feels I have so much more to explore here… WHAT DO YOU THINK?

SL5-Composition Set-up-Option 1
SL5-Composition Set-up-Option 2
SL5-Composition Set-up-Option3
SL5-Composition Set-up-Option 4

Then I thought of going in a completely different direction and playing a more minimalist composition… which played on lighting choices and size of the items within the frame… WHAT DO YOU THINK?

SL5-Composition Set-up-Option7
SL5-Composition Set-up-Option 8
SL5-Composition Set-up-Option 6
SL5-Composition Set-up-Option 5

4 thoughts on “(Home) – Studio Painting – 5th Still-life Project – Considering my Composition

  1. I really like set up option no 7. Especially if you paint it on a large canvas. Here’s what I like: The repeated rectangle shapes of the palette, lamp base and lamp shade, with the round table giving variety of shape. This is reinforced by the square green tiles. I like that the subject is concentrated in the upper 2/3rd of the frame. I like the colors. I don’t like the little blue jar. For me it adds nothing to the composition.


    1. Wow, thank you for this feedback, Laura Kate. It is very helpful in the reflection process.
      I do like the lamp as the central item in the composition and I completely agree with you about the blue jar. I’m not comfortable painting glass and add it to challenge myself. It distracts in this composition. I’m still exploring ideas and there are more to come.

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