This project brought me highs and lows. There were days I didn’t want to continue painting and got bored of the subject… That’s when I challenged myself the most… first to reconsider compositions and then to reconsider materials (or how I was going to use them). I’m glad this project is over. I don’t know when I might return to doing still life paintings, but I’m sure I will.

I hope you enjoy seeing the paintings in their chronological order and some of them have been cleaned up a little since their original publications.


I hope you enjoyed to see my progress through this project and I very much welcome your feedback. Please let me know if you enjoyed seeing the process of building these paintings and what you would like more of. eg: materials used with links to where to get them, more steps, more photos… etc…

As always, I am grateful to you for your support.

See you on the next project: Portraits!


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