Ok, this is a little nuts as far as prep time goes… well over six hours, so far…

Here’s the materials list:

1- Mordanted in Alum, we have: Two 11″ x 11″ piece of cotton; One 11″ x 22″ piece of cotton; One 10″ x 40″ piece of cotton; One 16″ x 9″ piece of raw silk; One 16″ x 9″ piece of silk habotai; & a complete sample pack from the first assignment. All mordanted in different solutions: Alum, Soy milk, & Sumac, or no mordant at all.

Preparing the Cochineal

  • i) Grind the (10gr) of cochineal bugs into dust
  • ii) Paste the dust with a little water to better dissolve it. 
  • iii) Dilute the paste into the bucket of water.
  • iv) Pre-soak some of the materials in warm water to get better dying coverage
  • v ) Place tape, clamp, and glue resists in dry.
  • I have a separate dye bath for the silk habotai that is mordanted in an iron oxide bath.
  • I have 2 gals in my bucket.
  • (Approximate) 8% dye solution = 10gr cochineal / 120gr DWG.
  • A full sample pack of different mordanted fabrics is also in the big bucket.
  • Stitched samples will be removed after about 8 hours, the rest between 12 & 24 hours.

Stay tuned for more…

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