The loose directives of the Colours Mapping challenge (for the final project in FBRS260 this semester) are to assemble some sort of tapestry, assemblage, collage of fabrics using a single colour as the primary focus… it can be a minimum of one meter by one meter, to nine square meters; it must demonstrate a variety of dyeing and resists techniques learned throughout this past semester; it needs to show an exploration of fabrics and fibres, yarns, threads, and cloths.

Ok, I should be able to embrace the concept that it can be anything that shows I’m invested and made an effort to play with what I’ve learned so far… I can do that.

I’ve been working a lot with reds, and it is possibly my favourite colour so far to work with. I love the warmth and fierceness of it. The Madder dyes, red iron oxide mordants, cochineal dye… the variations of pinks, oranges, & purples achieved with post-mordants and ph manipulations… all play and beautiful results.

The best results were on protein fibres: silks and wools. Well, we ran out of those things, so we need to try something different. Also, the cochineal dye bath is now a few weeks old and smells funny. So, let’s try something warm and cold at the same time… let’s play with yellows… Mainly Turmeric dye variations… I can also try Goldenrod and some synthetic dyes…

My idea is to tie it all together in an abstract tapestry of colours… connected with the yarns and threads I’ve died as well… Organic, spontaneous, Wabi-Sabi…

Stay tuned…

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